Posted by: carolg1849 | May 10, 2009

Art therapy helping carers

Arts and minds at the Tate

Tomorrow Lord Howarth, formerly arts minister under Tony Blair, will be opening a conference at Tate Britain “Advancing Arts and Mental Health, my son representing Personality Plus,  will actually be talking at this conference to help raise the profile of the value of art as therapy in the treatment of those suffering with mental health issues.

Although art therapy is widely recognised its never been embraced by the big public galleries because it was considered that the wealth of work on show would be too overwhelming to sufferers

Happily this is now changing and Tate Britain together with Art Therapists from a south London MHT have begun a 2 year programme to make the art accessible to sufferers and their carers.  The initial stage was to get them along to look at a selected series of paintings and record the emotions that it bought up for them.  There reactions will now be heard on audio guides available to visitors to the Tate galleries as from tomorrow.

As well as the excerpt below on the Satonstall Family,  you can hear a podcasts of  families speaking, very illuminating and helpful to hear other parents coming to terms with their childrens mental health issues,   also their reactions to a very serene seascape.  Follow this link and scroll down to the images, there you will see links to four named podcasts


The Saltonstall Family (David Des Granges)The saltonstal family

Abbey has a 38-year-old son with post-traumatic stress disorder: “This painting makes me think about how families cope with mentally ill brothers and sisters. Our children are ill and they will be different. The children we thought they were going to be are dead in a way. That’s like the lady in the bed. But we can’t hold on to the past. My son is very caring and it frustrates me that the others don’t see that. When I first looked, I think he [in the picture] looks like a man who can’t let go of the past. I think he looks like a proud man now. I like the way our minds wander in this picture.”





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